Where to Stay

We have secured a number of options for visitors to Beirut.
All rates are as listed below—we also recommend AirBnB, which has many options close to the conference center.


Clemenceau Street
Beirut, Lebanon


Chouran Street
Beirut, Lebanon


Attendees of the below nationalities can obtain a cost-free visa at the Lebanese airport upon arrival as long as they have their passport, plane ticket, and proof of hotel reservation.

  • GCC and Arab Countries.
  • United States of America·
  • European Union 

Attendees who hold the below nationalities need a visa in advance:

  • Asian countries
  • African countries
  • Important notice: Palestinians and Jordanians who don’t have a national number need a visa in advance 

Please check the following link for more info: http://www.general-security.gov.lb/ar/posts/38 


The total cost for obtaining a Lebanese visa is 108$ including:

  • Visa fees (General Security); notary Fees; stamps 


The Comprehensive Cleft Care team is happy to provide letters of support as well as any official documents needed for assistance with securing visas